Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting and fun time in your life. When planning your wedding you are going to face lots of decisions that need to be made about the details and the vendors that will help make your day a success. One of the most important decisions in planning your wedding is choosing what photographer is going to capture one of (if not the most) important day of your life. After all, you can have the best venue, the most beautiful flowers and the most fabulous dress, but if you choose a poor photographer or one that doesn’t capture those details or have the same visions as you, those details are only left in your memory. Photography is the one thing you walk away from your wedding with. ( Besides your spouse of course! )  You will be able to see the venue, the people, the details, the mood. It will be the only tangible record of the event, ( unless your have video ) so who you choose is important.

At Thompson photography group we use the term “Associate Photographer” a lot when helping you decide who is the right fit in our group for you. I have no doubt that sometimes when people hear the term associate or second photographer they think they are dealing with an assistant or someone who may be less qualified or experienced. At Thompson Photography group that isn’t the case at all. So I wanted to take a moment and explain exactly that those terms mean to us. Our associates are extremely qualified and experienced. They have been in the wedding industry for a long time and have shot many weddings as the lead photographer either for their own businesses or for us. Many of them have been with us since we started.  Some of them for whatever personal reasons decided that joining our group was a better fit for them than running their own business. We have many associates who are moms who want to spend their extra time with their kids and not running a full time photography business. Others might not like some of the aspects of running a business and others just like being part of a team. Whatever their reason is for being a part of our team, we are honored to have them. They continually bless us and our clients with an ability to meet a wide range of budgets and allow us more availability to provide a quality photographer for almost every date.
We are blessed with over 150 interested clients each month and the reality is Cassidy can’t shoot all of those weddings and provide all the attention and quality service that each and every one of our brides deserves. Having an associate program allows us to have even more of you enjoy the TPG experience.

Associate photographer wedding photos

#1- The power of The Group!
You aren’t just hiring a photographer. You are hiring our team. You get Cassidy and all of her industry experience. You get our office manager, and you get personal attention from your associate photographer. There is a team of us making sure that nothing is overlooked and we are all here to make sure your day is perfect!
#2- Power of the group part 2

You don’t not have to worry about someone getting sick, or a photographer canceling on you, or being caught last minute having to stress ANYTHING photography related. We are a team. We pride ourselves on never having to cancel an event or upset a bride. However life can happen. If one of our associates was to get sick or be unable to attend your wedding,  you would get an equally qualified member of our team in their place. Same style, same editing, same great experience. We have heard horror stories of photographers getting sick and hiring any photographer who can cover them to show up at your wedding. That will not happen with our couples. You will receive the same exact experience and quality photos you expected when you hired us. We pride ourselves on our consistent look and style between photographers. Fingers crossed we never have to do that, but thankfully, if it happens we have your back. There is always a back up in place.

You getting a little more bang for your buck and you can save some money for that honeymoon 🙂 We know that some of our clients are not able to spend $6000+ on their wedding photography. And sometimes this causes people to hire a “less experienced” photographer. Sometimes a cheaper photographer may have a lot less real wedding experience. Not with us. We have different options for almost every budget and you will still get a quality and experienced photographer. ( We are VERY selective about who shoots for our team )  You are also working with extremely talented photographers and a lot of them have been shooting and training together for years and years, improving their craft.
#4 The TPG experience
You get the same attention, tips, pointers, timelines, and helpful information that Cassidy’s clients get. Your pre wedding experience is the same and so is the post wedding experience. You will have the same help, advise, and years of experience working on your side which creates the best possible experience for you. We pride ourselves on our experience, our ability to connect with our clients, and the ability to deliver exceptional photos in a timely fashion. We are committed to do this for you and each and every one of our couples.
#5- The support our photographers get from our office
Even though its your wedding, its still our business. As much fun as photography is there is a lot on the business side of things. It can be stressful and super time consuming for photographers. Our associates have a full time office manager to take the “not so fun” parts of their job so they can focus on the most important part of their job- YOU! By having the support of our office they can get to know you better and focus on you and what they love which is photographing your wedding day. It gives them the space to be creative and have more fun without having to stress about any of the business side of things. And just think… if someone told you they would handle the business part of your job and allow you to focus solely your passion, you would take that opportunity wouldn’t you?. Thats what our associates have done.  Our office manager works with you on the rest of the details like timelines etc.. This way you can have an amazing experience from start to finish.