About Hannah

Hi, I’m Hannah!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work.

There are few things I love more than capturing couples who are adventurous, creative, and madly in love. I’m hoping that you’d like my help creating a visual diary for your special day and love story. It means the world that I am invited to witness such intimate and emotion-packed life milestones. I want to capture your grandparents smiles as they watch you walk down the aisle, the belly laughs during your toasts, as well as the secret kisses and unhinged emotion that transpires on your special day. My goal is to help you relive your day to the fullest throughout the decades to come & hope to capture all of the quirky, beautiful, and candid moments that make your love story so special.

My approach is a mixture of unobtrusive documentarian and creative director. I love mirroring the energy of the sweet souls I’m lucky enough to capture, to provide a unique experience that truly caters to the pace, style, and emotion of your day. If you could envision having late night pizza with me – than you can probably trust that we’re going to get along swimmingly on your wedding day.