About Lorna

Hi! My name is Lorna.

I’m a Virginia transplant who makes her home north of Boston. I’m obsessed with the diversity and energy of the city, but also with how easy it is to escape to nature in New England. As an introvert, I definitely need both! I’m married to a handsome fellow creative (of the wordsmithing and storytelling variety) and we love our homebody life together.

I’m a photographer because I have never fit into very many “boxes” throughout the years. Because sitting in an office with people I barely know, where personality isn’t necessarily welcome, isn’t for me. Because as your photographer, I get to talk to YOU, and there is no need to pretend I’m a business robot, or treat you like you’re just a number on a spreadsheet.

I’m a photographer because I think people are fascinating. Because memories are fleeting. Because we all need some beauty around us to help us remember how incredibly blessed we are to be alive.

I’m a photographer because I believe there is value in seeing yourself the way your loved ones do. Because I think much of our lives are driven by how we feel, or want to feel. Because if we can feel aligned, connected, loved, joyful—That is a wholehearted life, and the experiences that help us discover and celebrate it are worth it.

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