Authentic Same-Sex-Weddings


Early in our photography careers we rarely ever photographed same-sex weddings. Maybe 1-2 a year if that. I am not sure exactly why this was, although it probably had something to do with the fact that it wasn’t “legal” and recognized nationwide.  Rachelle and I took the first real chance we had back in September 2008 when they legalized same-sex marriage in California. Rachelle said that we needed to hurry up and plan a trip and get married before they take it away. I told her she was silly, and why would they take it away when they just approved it??  Off we went and were married on September 14, 2008, on a beach in San Diego. It was perfect…

Fast forward to November 2008, they did indeed take it away. We were so bummed but just hoped that one day, everyone would be able to get married.

Our wishes came true and on Friday, June 26, 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex Marriage.  We were overjoyed with happiness for everyone who was now “allowed” to get married.  

Since then we have definitely had an increase in same-sex weddings. And its truly amazing to see all the different way couples celebrate their marriages. Each seem to be so different and most are far from “traditional” which we love! It is up to the couple to find their own unique style and make it authentically their own.

Here are a couple of same-sex-weddings that we recently had the privilege of photographing. They did and amazing job of making their weddings unique and it was a pleasure to be apart of them all…

Zach & Jesse

This beautiful couple left nothing out when it came to details! From their boutonnieres and handmade ring box, to their wood and greenery accent pieces for centerpieces, and names hand carved for seating placement. They even had an Ice Cream truck outside the reception for their guests late night sweet tooth.

But the most unique detail that comes to mind when I think about this wedding is their ceremony design. Instead of an isle and two sides, they went with a circular seating style. It turned out beautifully and was the perfect way to celebrate their union.

Bill & Dave

Porta Restaurant in NJ was the perfect venue choice for this colorful couple to celebrate. All the colors and decor outside the venue on the streets, made a great backdrop for the grooms portrait shots.

The unique decor of the venue, with the drop lighting and wood accent walls and painting, made it a reception to be remembered.


Lauren & Liz

These girls did an impeccable job designing their wedding ceremony. The entrance for their walk down the isle, set the stage for a stunning back drop to the wedding vows. We chose the Saratoga Spa State Park to take all of the wedding party and Bridal portraits which had the perfect amount of light and greenery to make their pictures one of a kind!