I’m Cassidy! I’m a mother. A wife. A daughter. An artist. A dreamer. An optimist. A problem solver. A coffee connoisseur. A starbucks addict. A Juicer. A giver. A believer. An entrepreneur. A risk taker. A romantic.

I am married to my best friend in the whole world. We truly complete each other. We pick up where the other drops off. I live for my kids. They are my life teachers. My grandmother is my hero. I miss her everyday. My mother is a brilliant artist who I have always looked up to. And my father is an entrepreneur and has an awesome antique barn in upstate NY.

I am passionate about life. About love. About joy. I started Thompson Photography group with Rachelle in 2010. We had no idea where this road would lead us, but together we jumped… I discovered my love for photography years ago as a child but finally had the chance to explore. I am a true believer that everyone no matter who, should and must have photos that they LOVE. Photography to me is my opportunity to share how I see the world through my eyes. How I interpret peoples connections. Weddings are my favorite because of the variety of things going on simultaneously which keeps me inspired while at the same time remaining completely calm enjoying the day.

I am on a journey now to teach others how to become amazing wedding photographers and giving them the opportunity to do what they love.  I feel that I am blessed with this gift and I want to help as many others share it too! Photos last forever…..


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