Choosing Wedding Flowers For The Right Season

When starting to look at the types and styles of flower that you like, its a good idea to find out if they are available when you are planning to have your wedding. You might just assume that you can get any type of flower any time of the year, however that is unfortunately not the case. Many flowers that you see and love are very seasonal and may not be available when you need them for your big day.  

A good place to start would be doing a little research online to first determine what flowers you like & second if they are in fact available around the time of your wedding. You should also make an appointment to meet with a floral designer and they will help in educating you about what is available and what isn’t. They may also suggest other similar available flowers for you to use instead of your choices incase they aren’t in season.


Garden Rose – Widely available and come in almost every color  || Colors: red, cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple

Dahlia – Great for centerpieces, they have no scent || Colors: Shades of pink, purple, red and orange

Lisianthus – Each stem has multiple blossoms and buds || Colors: Pink, purple, white and green

Zinnia – Daisylike bloom perfect for casual garden arrangements. Can stand up to hotter temperatures ||Colors: White chartreuse, yellow, orange, red, purple and lilac

Foxglove – Bell-shaped flowers add a delicate note to bouquets and centerpieces || Colors: White, pink and various shades of purple

Stock – Cluster of soft petals. Has a spicy clove like fragrance || Colors: Pastel shades from cream to lavender

Chocolate Cosmos – Sweet scented bloom smells like candy || Color: Red-brown

Heuchera – Wiry stems with tiny blooms. Helps give texture to arrangements || Colors: Pink, purple and deep red

Anemone –   Jewel-toned flowers are sought after for its vibrant magenta, red and purple hues|| Colors: white, pink, purple, magenta, burgundy


Astilbe – Feathery wildflower look. Great for boutonniere or rustic-romantic bouquet || Colors: White, pink, mauve and crimson

Mock Orange – This flower is actually white, but its scent resembles an orange blossom || Color: White

Clematis – Grows like a vine, with twists to its stem. The blossom had delicate petals and an eye-catching center || Colors: purple, pink, blue violet and cranberry

Garden Rose – Big-headed blooms are perfect for making a bold statement or adding romance to an arrangement || Colors: Red, cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple


Crabapple – Hearty branches add texture and height to centerpieces. The mini “apples” range in color from green to red as the season progresses || Colors: Green and red

Raspberry – Perfect finishing touch for a naked cake || Color: Red

Dahlia – Over 42 species of this Mexican stem, all striking in color and shape || Colors: Shades of pink, purple, red and orange

Strawflower – Ideal for drying and work best in undone-looking arrangements || Colors: White, pink, red, yellow and purple

Nasturtium – Sweet-smelling vinelike flower || Colors: Cream, yellow, orange and red

PeeGee Hydrangea – Cone-shaped. Turn pinkish with age on the bush || Colors: White and pink

Honeysuckle – Popular way to add a nice aroma to bouquets || Colors: White, pink, yellow and orange

Lily – Large star-shaped lilies help fill out arrangements || Colors: White, pink, yellow, peach and lavender


Love in a Mist – One of the few blue florals || Colors: Blue, white, pink and lilac

Sweet Pea – East stem has a cluster of flowery petals || Colors: White, pink, yellow, red and purple

Poppy Pods – Structured seed-filled pods, great for rustic bouquets and undone floral arrangements || Color: Green

Forget-Me-Nots – Perfect for adding “something blue” to your bouquet || Colors: Blue, purple, pink, white and yellow

Honeywort – Inch-long tube petal cascades beautifully in bouquets and centerpieces || Color: Purple-blue

Hydrangea – Clusters of blooms and create a big-headed blossom || Colors: White, green, pink, blue, purple and cranberry

Bachelor Button – Has a button head and is actually edible. Great for boutonnieres || Colors: White, pink, blue, magenta