Clint is Turning 2 | Palm Beach Children Photography

We can’t believe that this little man is turning 2 already!! It seems like yesterday when I first spotted him at Aubrey’s 1st birthday and he was only 10 months old! Time surely flies by, especially when you are watching your children grow. One of the most important things that we have learned over this past year watching our son grow, is to cherish every second you have with your child because before we know it, we will be dancing with him at his wedding.  Photography is one of the most important gifts you can have in your life, it helps preserve people in various points in their lives. Without photos you can forget so easily the tiny details…. like how tiny his hands were or how big his smile is each time he sees you.  Happy 2nd Birthday Clint! Your mommy thinks you look just like your daddo…. but we think you look an awful lot like your cousin Savanna, so you must have some of your mom in you too!