Grooming Your Groom For Wedding Day


The preparations a bride makes for her wedding day can be grueling, but they are necessary for her to feel beautiful, confident, unique, and to stand out on her wedding day.  But what about the groom? It is just as important that your groom looks just as handsome and confident standing next to you! Here are some tips to get your groom manicured, styled and dressed for his big day!

Upgrade his accessories:

Stand out accessories are the perfect way to spice up your grooms look and give it a personal touch. Consider adding one or two of the following for a more unique look…

Pocket Square – Gives a formal look just enough pop without going over the top.

Boutonniere – You can be creative with your grooms boutonniere but flowers are not his only option. He could also go with a brooch or lapel pin for an edgier look.

Novelty Belt – Belts with color, texture or unexpected fabrics can be a great way to subtly add a little style to your grooms suite.

Socks – Statement socks are a great way to add color and uniqueness to your groom and groomsmen. To pull this trend off, select socks that are grounded in his pant color, with just a hint of something bold.

Update his suit:

A bride would never skip the alterations on her wedding dress, neither should your groom. An ill fitting suit that has not been tailored to fit your mans body can ruin his whole look. Men should go for a Slim Cut suit or tux (not to be confused with a skinny cut) this cut happens to work for every body type. Sometimes men choose to go with a boxier shape, thinking this look will make them appear skinnier, but it actually has the opposite affect.

A slim-cut should meet the following criteria – Shoulders that are close to his body, but not constricting. Sleeves that are long enough to show a quarter – to a half-inch of his shirt while his arms are at his sides, and a jacket length ending at the base of his thumbs.

Do some man-scaping: 

If your groom is planning on changing up his look, have him do that a couple months before the wedding. He should try it out beforehand to see if this is the look you want in all your wedding photos. If he is clean-shaved or bearded, its important to go to an actual barber before your wedding day. This way if he is clean-shaved, he can get a really close shave without any razor burn, and if he is bearded then they will sharpen up those lines and take all the guesswork out of shaving around the beard.

It is also important for your groom to clean up his hands, either by himself or go get a manicure. There will be a lot of hands and ring shots in your photos, so you will appreciate him having well-groomed hands.