Mixed and Matched bridesmaid dresses has been a rising trend over the last couple of years and one of my favorites! Not only does it provide a uniqueness to your special day, but it also allows for your bridesmaids to individually shine. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and they have their own unique style, by allowing them to choose from a couple different styles on your wedding day, will make them feel more comfortable, confident and special.

Here are three different ways that the Mix and Matched style can be accomplished…

1. The same dress, with a twist

This is one of the simplest ways to mix and match your bridal party. You can keep it simple, and still add some uniqueness to your bridesmaids by choosing a dress that can be worn multiple ways. This will keep your wedding party cohesive but still give your girls the freedom to make the look their own, and give them the fit they want for their body type.


2. Same color palette, same texture

Another great look for mix and matching is, different dress styles that have the same color palette and texture. Lots of dress companies offer a line of different styles in common colors, or vice versa. Pick specific color palette and give your girls the option to pick out their own dress style and fit.


3. Same color palette, different textures or patterns

This is by far the most difficult to coordinate, but if done right looks absolutely amazing! You can achieve a unique variety by adding pattern, mixing textures like beading or lace, playing with metallics and neutrals, or all of the above.