How to plan your wedding using Pinterest…

As you are probably starting to realize, planning for your wedding can be a very overwhelming process! Pinterest is a great tool to help you gather ideas and create a vision for your big day. As helpful as Pinterest can be, if you’re not careful you can get so wrapped up in it that it can send you off track. Here are some tips for using Pinterest to gather ideas, without getting lost and losing track of your own creativeness 🙂

1. Use it for inspiration

Pinterest is great for gathering ideas. If you see things that you like you can pin them to your board and possibly use those ideas for your own wedding. Keep in mind that Pinterest is not the be all end all of wedding planning. If you have an idea for your wedding and you can’t find it on Pinterest, that does not mean its not an amazing idea! Use your own creativity and imagination to put it together.

2.  Create multiple boards

When using Pinterest it is helpful to create multiple boards to separate your ideas. This will make it easier to show specific vendors the look you are going for. For example when you are meeting with your hair and make-up stylist all of your photos will be in one place and easy to show them.

3.  Make your boards Private

As excited as you are about planning your wedding, you still want your day to be a surprise to all your guest. Keep your Pinterest boards private, and wow your guest on your special day.

4. Keep what you’re drawn to in mind when selecting your vendors

When you’re selecting your vendors narrow down your search by sticking to vendors that have the same style that you are drawn to. If you want a rustic country wedding, stay away from fancy hotels and ballrooms. If you like natural light airy photos, don’t select a photographer that specializes in sunset photos.

5. Trust your vendors

It’s great that you have gotten all these fabulous ideas of Pinterest, but keep in mind that you hired your vendors for a reason. Show them your ideas but expect that they will put their own twist on it, to make it original for you.

6. Don’t forget to look for inspiration off Pinterest

As helpful as Pinterest can be, don’t forget to look in other places for inspiration. Keep in mind your venue, the colors and architecture of the building. The time of year and season. Check out the websites of your vendors and look at the weddings they have done in the past.

7. Narrow your selection down

When you first start your Pinterest wedding search you will pin almost everything you see. As it gets closer to your wedding go back through your selections and start narrowing it down. This will help you be more focused on your absolute favorites and make it less overwhelming.

8. Most important make your wedding “You”

Keep in mind that Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, but ultimately you want your wedding to be unique to you and your fiancé. Get ideas and figure out how to add or twist them to make them special and unique for you.