John & Aisra | Palm Beach Wedding Photography

John holds Aisra’s hand like he is never going to let go. As he said he “I had to go around the world to find her” and he isn’t taking one moment with her for granted. They live in different cites right now, John up north in Boston and Aisra down here in Florida, so they really cherish the time they get to spend together. They have something very special, they are giddy, all smiles, and madly in love. John and Aisra have the most amazing story of how they met, in fact is so good that when they tell you, you cant help but ask them if its true or are they joking. They met on an African Safari. No really they did! I couldn’t believe it myself. How awesome is that? Talk about fate taking you around the world to met your soulmate- doesn’t get more romantic than that 🙂 They were both in Africa for a wedding and happened to both be on the same Safari. Met fell in love and the rest is history. With these two every kiss, hug and touch is done with intention and passion and you can tell they found the other half that makes them whole. Our first shoot was rained out but this time the rain stayed away and we were able to make some great memories for them near the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach- have a look at a few of the shots from out shoot.