Lauren + Mark | Proposal Story Winners

A few weeks ago we had a contest and asked everyone to share their proposal stories with us. The winners would receive a free engagement session! Lauren emailed us and we loved her story 🙂 It was very thoughtful and unique!  Mark planned a trip to Orlando for New Years and invited all of their best friends along with their significant others. The 13 of them all went to Islands of adventure for the day. Around 3 o’clock one of their friends needed to get back to his pregnant wife. So Mark suggested they go and get one group photo taken before Mike left.  They all walked to the front of the park to take the photos. After they took a couples shot, Mark asked the guys to get on one side and the girls to get on the other. He was holding Lauren’s hand and would not let go. While the girls lined up beside her and the guys beside him, Mark got down on one knee and popped the question!  Here are the photos!

We thought it was super cute and original!  Here are the photos from the engagement session!



Both left handed!!!

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