Cassidy offers one-on-one mentoring sessions for photographers. Her passion is to teach photography and help people learn and grow with their craft. There is so much to learn when starting a photography career. She started her photography journey in 2009 with just a camera and a passion. She is completely self taught. She has mentored several photographers including a few of TPG’s associates. She has always had a huge desire to teach and share what she has learned with others.

She can discuss any topics you’d like including business, editing, workflow, posing, cameras, etc.  There is also an option to set up a styled shoot or shadow her at a real wedding to get some on the job training! (These spaces are very limited.) Weddings take place primarily in FL & NY.

Mentoring can be done in-person or via skype/phone.

Half day sessions usually last 3 hours, or 5 hours if a photo shoot is added!  Weekday and limited weekend dates are available!

One-on-one mentoring pricing:

By the hour $150
$400 for 3 hours of personalized help
$650 for 5 hours of personalized help (can include a shoot – must be done in person)

Please contact her if you would like more info about shadowing at a wedding.

If you are interested in signing up for a mentoring session please contact Cassidy for more details. or call 561-889-9926





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  • Madison Creaco

    Hi Cassidy,
    I am contacting you regarding the 5-hour personalized mentoring + shoot and I have a couple questions!
    I am curious to know where specifically in Florida are you located? I am actually from Ottawa, ON Canada and I am going to Fort Lauderdale April 4-10th 2017 and would love to work something out whether it be a shoot or shadowing a wedding.

    Just little about my background in photography: I started several months ago just doing beginner shoots with family, close friends and referrals.
    The equipment I have is Nikon D3400 with lenses: 50mm 1.8g, 35mm 1.8g and soon to have the 50-200mm. I’ve taken a lot of portraits (majority have been in the snow which is getting repetitive) and wanting to start working towards taking wedding shots!
    I’m hoping to get more comfortable behind the lens with couples, lighting and learning more of the process of wedding photography.

    Hopefully you can get back to me as soon as possible. I am very interested in your program and love all of your work, and would love to learn from you.

    Thank you so much!