Paul & Becky | West Palm Beach Wedding

We first met Paul and Becky over a year ago…. It’s amazing how fast time flies!  From the moment we met them we could see how much they love each other. It isn’t every day that you meet people that are truly in love however when you see it you recognize it immediately. We were so excited for their wedding day to come. On the big day Becky looked like a princess and Paul was beaming with pride that she was his bride. He is truly so thankful that she is his and you can see it in his eyes when he is speaking to or about her. Being in the “wedding business” you would think we would come across this every weekend. The truth of the matter is we don’t. What they have is rare, its pure, its genuine, its so unbelievably cute you can’t help but fall in love watching them be in love.

  • Rosa Bruno

    These are my children. Im so proud of them. This was a beautiful wedding from start to end. Paul, my baby you look so handsome and happy and Becky you are radiant….. Love you guys. I will pray that your fire and spark of love will be with you for ever……….Love you both mom. MOther of the groom.ReplyCancel

  • Millie Torres

    God Bless u Paul, wish u n your wife many years of love n laughter. And above all have the guidance of the one above to guide u threw the years to come. Beautiful couple n your wedding seemed so gorgeous. Never will forget u Millie. Lots of love Baby.ReplyCancel

  • Becky Santiago

    Hey Cassidy!! I absolutely love the picturesss!!!! You are truly gifted! Aww and thanks for those beautiful words. I pray that with God’s help we may continue to fall more and more in love and grow old together. Thank you so much for being a part of this special day! Can’t wait to see the rest 😉

    Paul and BeckyReplyCancel