Random thought…

Its so funny to me when I hear how much some photographers dislike shooting weddings. ( I’m not judging at all ) But when I hear it I always have to really stop and think about what I am hearing… Because I simply L-O-V-E shooting weddings. I love the whole process from the initial inquiry , meeting or chatting on the phone and helping the couples figure out a timeline and teach them about how the typical wedding day flows. I like to enlighten them on what to expect on their wedding day because for most they have no clue. I get so excited to meet them and shoot their engagement session and get to know who they are and how they vibe with each other. I love to watch my clients and see what makes them excited or smile. What makes them unique and what makes them tick. I think its fascinating to see all of these real world love stories come to life before my eyes.

On the wedding day when we arrive and say hi to the couple and see how stunning they look!  You can feel the nervous excitement in the air as everyone is getting ready and starting to get dressed. Its almost go time… and there is always this moment that happens with the bride. Usually when she put her dress on or just after. Its in her eyes. I always notice it as soon as I see it. It is the moment when they realize that this is really actually happening. They are about to get married! Its this intense emotional scared yet excited look they get. And now when I see it, I look right at them and smile. I tell them how amazing they look and that its almost time! And then things start to really happen. From this moment the wedding just flows.

Things happen, its gets intense, sometimes things are running behind or sometimes I am watching the radar trying to time the first look in-between the rain storms. I have been in many situations where I literally had 3 minutes to photograph my couples. 3 MINUTES! 10 if we are lucky and that I would consider a good day! But I make it happen because thats just what I do!  Once the ceremony is over and family is photographed and the guests are seated for the introductions we can start to sort-of relax- sort of. But not really because then the couple enters the room and the guests are ready to party!

By the end of the night I am exhausted. But I am also exhilarated. I am excited about the photos that I have taken throughout the day. The people I have met and connected with. The story that I was so blessed to be chosen to tell. And that is one thing that I never forget. The honor that 2 people in love have picked me to document their wedding. They trust me to tell their story in a way that will likely be passed down to generations to come. Now that is a whole lot of trust. And I love that about weddings. I love that about my clients and about every couple that chooses us to be there during these moments.

So when I hear that people don’t like to shoot weddings and to ” run away” from being a wedding photographer I just laugh to myself. Because I think they don’t know the joy that they are missing out on. I feel so incredible lucky to be a wedding photographer. They are not easy by any means and they take a lot of work and tons of time. But to me its worth every second of it. When I see and hear how excited my clients are about their wedding photos it makes me smile deeply. Knowing that I have done my job <3