Selecting Vendors for your Wedding

Selecting vendors for your wedding can be and overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

1. Decide what your budget is, and how much you plan to spend on each vendor.

2. Hiring a wedding planner makes selecting venues and vendors a lot easier. Your planner will get to know you and your wedding vision, and will be able to make suggestions to you that will match your style.

3. Do your research! Ask other people who they used for their weddings. Go online and use helpful websites like, and If you have chosen a venue, ask if they have a preferred vendors list.

4. After you have done all your online research, be sure to call the vendors up and discuss your vision with them. It is important that they have the same perception and style as you. Ask what will be included in your package. Will your photographer be doing your save-the-date photos or engagement session? Will your venue also be doing your rehearsal dinner? Does your hair/make-up stylist provide a pre-wedding run through?

5. Discuss your budget with your vendors. All your vendors need to be paid for the service they are providing, but if your vendor is hesitant or standoffish about discussing money and contracts with you, that could be a red-flag. This could be an indication they are inexperienced or hiding something.

6. If you have selected a well-established vendor and you trust them, ask for their recommendations.


7. When selecting your venue, it is important that you go look at the establishment in person. Pictures online can be deceiving. You’ll want to know what the layout looks like. What the buildings next door look like. The parking lot etc. If you’re planning a destination wedding or your location is too far for you to check out the site yourself, send someone else to go for you. Have them take photos or videos for you.