Sisca Family | Jupiter Family Photography

Today was awesome! I got the chance to take photos of my good friend Carla, her mother, brother, and sister…. oh  and Ted, her husband joined us too!  Everyone looked so clean and perfect in the white and Navy blue…. I thought about having them sit on the train tracks for about a half of a second and realized that it probably wouldn’t work out!  I loved doing this session because even though Carla, Beau, & Kacey are “all grown up” they are still family and it says so much about them that they took the time to do a photo shoot together 🙂 No matter where you are in your life …. I believe you will be happy to look back at the photos that you took. They are moments in time that we can never get back no matter how hard we try. Life is always changing. All you do is blink and your kids are getting married…. I can not even begin to imagine the day that my son, Aiden, goes off to collage…. It was just yesterday that he was born.  When I look back through the first year and a half of his life I smile and sometimes get tears of joy… remembering all of the moments I have had with him. I look forward to the future and cherish the past. Today, right now is truly all we have…. CT