Thompson Photography Group | South Florida Wedding Photographer Shootout Challenge


We had such an amazing time with our team of photographers who are more like a part of our family. We had a shootout challenge that was created by our album designer/queen of all things Crystal Swass. It was to test our photography skills, build team work, and just to get together and laugh with and at each other and have some FUN 🙂 photos and videos will be up soon. Just so you know the background we were broken up into 3 teams of 2. Each team 1 person had to coach the other person who was blind folded. The teams had to work together to create the proper exposures and photo composition but you could not touch your team mate or their camera. It was team work at its finest 🙂 There was an indoor challenge and an outdoor challenge and it was so much fun.. . You guys are the best team in the business and WE LOVE YOU all so much.


Cassidy & Rachelle



Rachelle being herself… she decided to hold the prop!! HAHA