Wedding Reception Details and Decor Inspiration

Whether the venue you have chosen is a blank canvas for you to fill with your own uniqueness, or already has a beautiful back drop in need of just a few details, here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your reception that will add the “WOW” factor you’ve been looking for!

1. Patterned Pillows

If your reception space has a lounge area, or you would like to create one for your guest, add some pillows! Stop in your fabric store and purchase some patterned fabric and cover some pillows you already have. Depending on your color pallet you could also use sequined, or sparkled pillows to add some pop. The plus side to this, you could re-use the pillows in your newlywed house.

2. Hanging Flowers or Chandeliers

If you’re looking to add some elegance to a barn or outdoor reception, hanging flowers or chandeliers over the tables is a perfect way to do it! If you decide to go with colorful hanging flowers, go a little lighter on the table colors so they balance each other out.

3. Drape the ceilings

It’s amazing what you can do with a little fabric. Keep it formal and elegant with drapery in a neutral hue, or for a more vibrant look add some patterns or brights colors.

4. Construct a photo backdrop

Put together a creative photo wall for your guest to pose in front of. This will not only be fun for them but also give you a ton of photos and memories to look back on.

5. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are nothing new, but multiply the number of lanterns you usually see by 100 and it’s a different story.

6. Table numbers and seating charts

Who says you have to use numbers for your tables? Get creative and use your favorite vacation spots, letters or gemstones. Or maybe go crazy and let your guests sit wherever they’d like with just a few reserved tables.

7. Table runners and tinted glass

A great way to spice up your tables is to use unique table runners or rent tinted glassware. This will fill up empty places on your tables and add design and a hint of color.