Writing Your Own Vows

Reasons You Should Write Your Own Vows

When couples decide to write their own vows this can be a very special and personal decision for them.

A month or so before the wedding, start talking to each other about what you are going to say. Start reminiscing about how your relationship started, and how far it has come to get you to where you are today. Talk about where you want it to go in the future. This will not only help you write amazing vows, but it will help you remember all the little things that lead you to fall in love with that special person.

There are a lot of vows out there but there are none that were written especially for you. This is your chance to tell your bride or groom all of the things you love about them, and how you plan to honor them for the rest of your life. The best part is, you get to say it to them, in front of all the loved ones you invited to be there with you on wedding day.

Writing your own vows will also make your ceremony memorable for your guests. Think of how many weddings your guests have already been to. Hearing the same traditional vows over and over again. When they hear what you have to say to your future wife or husband, they will hang on every word. They will be touched and probably talk about it after your ceremony has come and gone.